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A Slice of PR

A Slice of PR is a digital marketing, social media, traditional public relations firm. We specialize in website development and design, social media, branding, and everything in between.


A Slice of PR

A Slice of PR is a digital marketing, social media, traditional public relations firm. We specialize in website development and design, social media, branding, and everything in between.

New School PR

Bridging the gap between traditional public relations and digital marketing, A Slice of PR was created to tend to the ever-changing and ever-evolving Internet driven world.

Our company specializes in website development and design, social media marketing, branding, and everything in between. If you don't see a specific service you are looking for, make sure to contact us!

Co-founders, Sydney Grossman and Brit Sharon, launched their company days after earning their degrees in journalism and public relations. Within weeks, we signed our first client - it has been a non-stop roller coaster full of building and growing ever since. 



Whether your website needs a facelift or you are looking at starting from scratch, our experienced and highly skilled web design and development team is here to help, understanding the balance between the creativity, artistry, and functionality that is needed to get results.

Social Media

We have researched and developed the best practices for effective social media marketing strategies that engage with your audience and promote your company/brand with the use of our content marketing and paid search marketing.


Branding is to a company as a fingerprint is to a person: Everyone has one and it’s unique to each individual. Developing a brand is a visual communication to the world that distinguishes and identifies a company or product separate from competitors.

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Company Bio


Company Bio

Our Promise

A Slice of PR is a hybrid digital marketing and public relations firm created and launched in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles.

We specialize in integrated communications, a combined effort in social media management and marketing, website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), and traditional PR practices.

Fusing our strengths in the digital world with PR writing strategies, we have a proven firm grasp on creating engaging, exciting, and effective content. Since our inception, A Slice of PR has been at the forefront of the ever-changing, ever-evolving tech world by bridging the gap between digital marketing and public relations.

Simply said, we love what we do.

Our Beginning

It all began in a cafe in Brentwood, a neighboring city to Santa Monica. A Slice of PR was born out of a dizzying, creative brainstorm session where co-founder's, Sydney and Brit, were curious about what it would take to launch themselves into the world as entrepreneurs right out of college.

The creation of the company began to unfold during their last semester of college. Gathering every PR-related syllabus and text book they had received, A Slice of PR was born.

Within one month of graduating A Slice of PR opened its doors to the first client. The company has continuously morphed into what it is today, but the values that Sydney and Brit were committed to building the company on, created in the cafe all that time ago, have never wavered.

Both Sydney Grossman and Brit Sharon are unparalleled experts...they are visionaries and are results-oriented.
— Dr. Lori Baker-Schena



The foundation for powerful and effective results, while being true to ourselves and our clients, our company and their brand, and everything in between.


The willingness to step beyond the ordinary and step into uncharted territory, where the end result is uncertain, and all we have is the courage to take risks.


The stand we are and the stand we take -- allowing for performances that surpass what was previously possible, defies old limits, and maps new territory.

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The Founders


The Founders

Sydney Grossman


A role model and inspiration to everyone, Sydney Grossman has created her own journey from the start. As one of the co-founder's and as the CEO of A Slice of PR, Sydney has excelled within the public relations field. From lead event coordinator, to social media manager, Sydney has accomplished significant achievements. Her accolades began in the classroom and extended to team and leadership courses.

Workability, communication and a bubbly personality give Sydney the edge and uniqueness that have customers excited and eager about both personal and business expansion. In her spare time, Sydney has volunteered for the AIDS/LifeCycle, cleaned up local schools in New Orleans damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and can always be found volunteering at day care centers for both children and seniors. She offers pro bono work to the homeless and foster care youth of Los Angeles, working with Homeless Not Toothless.

Sydney currently works and lives in Los Angeles, Calif.

Brit Sharon


Co-founder and president of A Slice of PR, Brit Sharon provides her charm, wit and knowledge to the company's brand. Always a hard worker, Brit found her passion for public relations early in her education after providing quality service to nonprofits and small businesses. Whether it be director of social media platforms or blogger extraordinaire, Brit excelled in every job, personal endeavor and challenge.

Brit has written and published a children's book, Little Feet, Big Steps, rode in the AIDS/LifeCycle, and is an activist and role-model in both the LGBT and Israeli communities. One of Brit's greatest achievements was being recognized as one of the four activists who opened the first gay resource center in the San Fernando Valley.

Brit currently works and lives in Los Angeles, Calif.