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hybrid digital marketing

a slice of pr is an international hybrid digital marketing and public relations firm created and headquartered in los angeles, california.

We specialize in Integrated Communications: a process of broadcasting and publishing a given client’s “brand” across both traditional and non-traditional social platforms which results in the development of target audiences. Our services focus on social media management and marketing, website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), traditional PR practices, and branding.

Fusing our strengths in the digital world with our PR writing strategies, we have a firm grasp on creating engaging, exciting, and effective content. Since our inception, A Slice of PR has been at the forefront of the ever-changing, ever-evolving tech world, bridging the gap between digital marketing and public relations.

Simply said, we bring an innovative and unique approach to digital marketing, causing immediate impact.

And — we love what we do!

our core values are the pillars of our driving force for our company and the success we provide our clients.


The foundation for powerful and effective results, while being true to ourselves and our clients, our company and their brand, and everything in between.


The willingness to step beyond the ordinary and step into uncharted territory, where the end result is uncertain, and all we have is the courage to take risks.


The stand we are and the stand we take -- allowing for performances that surpass what was previously possible, defies old limits, and maps new territory.

web design and development | search engine optimization | social media management and maintenance | facebook marketing | branding | "old school" pr | copy research and development

sydney sharon

passion for digital design

Sydney Sharon has created her own journey from the start. As one of the co-founder's and as the CEO of A Slice of PR, Sydney has excelled within the public relations field. From lead event coordinator, to social media manager, Sydney has accomplished significant achievements. Her accolades began in the classroom and extended to team and leadership courses.

Workability, communication and a bubbly personality give Sydney the edge and uniqueness that have clients excited and eager about both personal and business expansion. 

In her spare time, Sydney has volunteered for the AIDS/LifeCycle, cleaned up local schools in New Orleans damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and can always be found volunteering with the homeless and foster care youth of Los Angeles, working with Homeless Not Toothless.


Brit (left) with Sydney (right).

Brit (left) with Sydney (right).

brit sharon

social media guru

Co-founder and COO of A Slice of PR, Brit Sharon provides her charm, wit and knowledge to the company's brand. Always a hard worker, Brit found her passion for public relations early in her education after providing quality service to nonprofits and small businesses. Whether it be director of social media platforms or blogger extraordinaire, Brit excelled in every job, personal endeavor and challenge.

Brit has written and published a children's book, Little Feet, Big Steps, rode in the AIDS/LifeCycle, and is an activist and role-model in both the LGBT and Israeli communities. 

One of Brit's greatest achievements was being recognized as one of the four activists who opened the first gay resource center in the San Fernando Valley.

Favorite Hashtag
#Blessed #Truth


what is pr?

Public relations (commonly referred to as PR) raises the awareness of a brand, company, person, or product by strategically targeting specific audiences.

are pr and marketing the same?

Although they are not the same, they work hand in hand with each other. PR raises awareness while marketing is the money directly spent to having the target audience take action on a desired result.

what does a slice of pr do?

The name says it all. The PR field is vast, ranging from working in fashion and medical practices to politics and non-profits. Given each industry needs PR and each industry is so different, the needs are too. A Slice of PR specializes in social media management and maintenance, Facebook marketing, website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords, and brand development.

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social media management and maintenance

Most companies we encounter aren’t leveraging social media because (1) they don’t know how, (2) they don’t have time, and or (3) the return on investment seems unpredictable.

A Slice of PR has researched and developed best practices for effective social media marketing strategies that engage your audience and promote your company/brand with the use of our content marketing.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

We create custom “shareable” imagery and original content for the exclusive purpose of communicating with potential and current students, staff, and community. A Slice of PR stimulates brand exposure, driving traffic to the website, ultimately developing your reputation as a vibrant resource and golden standard in the global community.

facebook marketing

There is no quicker way to reach and engage the desired audience than with a professionally managed Facebook marketing campaign. However, it takes proper experience, management, and optimization to produce the desired effects, intentions, and outcomes. We at A Slice of PR hold the essential qualifications in producing such campaigns.

website design and development

Whether your website needs a facelift or you are looking at creating something from nothing, our team seeks to achieve the highest level of performance for your website and understands the crucial balance between creativity, artistry, and functionality that is needed to fulfill your desired results.

With a full service firm devoted to you and your company, we have the ability to create completely custom sites, integrating and delivering a design solution on the Squarespace platform that focuses on ease of use and attention to detail that amplifies your brand identity. In addition, our sites employ responsive design mechanics to create an optimized experience across different screen sizes and devices (i.e. desktop browsers, iPads, iPhones). The experience will seamlessly fill large monitors and be easily digestible on tablets and mobile phones.

search engine optimization (SEO) and google adwords

With so many inquiries beginning with a Google search, it is critical for you to be highly visible in that search engine. Climbing and reaching the coveted top organic placement on Google should be an important goal for your website. By proving your site as a top relevant resource due to the words and phrases that define your business, you will gradually see your desired measurable results.

Whether your goal is to attract new website visitors, grow your online presence, develop a wide base of applicants, or become the number one searched for product, service, or program in the country, Google AdWords will help. By targeting customers based on device-specific technology, timing, interests, and more, you gain instantaneous direct access.

brand development

Branding is to a company as a fingerprint is to a person. Each company’s brand is unique to them. Being known as a brand, represented by a definitive logo, is a communication to the world that distinguishes and identifies a company, product, or service distinctly from its competitors.

Our design team consists of artists and innovators whose sole priority is to approach each client with an eye toward elegance and efficiency. We work closely with our clients to produce brands that are streamlined, evocative, and reflect your unique personality.

Additional Branding Services

Additional services include, and are not limited to, business cards, letterheads, brochures, postcards, etc.

do i really need social media?

The bottom line is everyone needs social media. Studies and statistics have shown, and continue to show, businesses who are accepting this paradigm shift of creating a digital fingerprint are expanding and surpassing businesses that are refusing to take the leap. 

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it. 
— Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics

what type of client does a slice of pr work with?

To date, clients range from medium-sized non-profits and online retailers to power players in real estate and the entertainment and medical industry.

who can i contact?

Use our contact page to send us an email. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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