5 Best Reasons To Start An Email List


If you’ve spent time rubbing elbows with entrepreneurs or watched big-name entrepreneurs online and heard about the importance of THE LIST and why it’s the NUMBER 1 thing you need for your online business, but have NO IDEA what that means, we’re here to break it down for you.


An email list is a list of emails you have for clients, customers, blog readers etc that are interested in what you’ve got - whether that’s what you’re selling, creating, offering or writing about. People typically sign up for an email mailing list on your website when you offer some sort of incentive - like news, updates, a free download, a demo, or something else!

You can collect these emails the old fashioned way in a spreadsheet, or you can use a program or platform such as Mailchimp or Convertkit that will capture and organize all those emails for you!

5 Best Reasons For Starting An Email List

1. Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind For Your Audience

This is probably the simplest - but one of the most important reasons to start a list - but when you’re in your audience’s email inbox, you’re creating yet ANOTHER connection point with them. When you’re in someone’s email inbox, your brand is top of mind in multiple places! Having more presence and being more active to reach your potential clients, customers or readers is a huge stepping stone to growing your brand or business.

2. Make Sure Your Audience Doesn’t Miss A Thing

Even if you’re KILLING IT on social media, having an email list (and a website!!) is crucial for your business. Unfortunately, due to the ever-changing nature of social media algorithms, a lot of people don’t see what you post even if your post often and consistently. That’s just the nature of the game. However, it’s VERY tough to ignore an email that’s sent directly to your inbox - especially if the email subject is enticing! When sending out emails, there is a better chance that people will see what you have to say.

3. Have A Backup In Case Of Social Media Apocalypse

We know, we know, this sounds like a Debbie Downer moment. BUT, have you ever thought about what would happen if Instagram shuts down or introduces a new feature that people HATE and want to get away from, but you’re ONLY on Instagram? You’d lose your whole business simply depending on the popularity of Instagram (or any other social media platform).

Additionally, an email list is something that YOU (or your business) own, whereas Instagram (or any other platform you are focused on) has sole ownership and contact info for your followers. Having an email list can be a great side-by-side tool with your current social media efforts, but is even better in order to work as a backup in case of a social media apocalypse.

4. Email Marketing Is Proven For Best Performance And Return On Investment

There are stats on stats on stats that prove that email marketing is the most effective way to make MORE money for your business. According to Campaign Monitor, “For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $44 in ROI.” Plus, according to McKinsey&Company, “The average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media.”

5. Build Trust & Loyalty By Providing Helpful Content - Not Just Sales

Although there’s lots of money to be made from emails that promote sales, no one likes to get spammed in their inbox just with sale after sale! We love getting emails from companies that offer other benefits like tips. tricks, sharing knowledge and expertise, or just adding value to our lives through their email list.

When you focus on sharing things like that with your email marketing in addition to focusing on sales, you build trust and loyalty with your potential client, customer or reader by showing that you are an expert! Our rule of thumb is to send 3 to 4 helpful emails that don’t sell A THING, and then send one that has a sale or product in it.

What do you think? Are you ready to start your email list?! Stay tuned on the blog for more tips and tricks about email marketing in the future!

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